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A guide to enjoying sake life with the Sake Concierge Reports's contents

Our Articles, Videos, and Tasting Notes

Welcome to Sake Concierge Report. We provide articles, YouTube videos, and tasting notes, covering the taste of sake and its culture.


Most of the contents are in Japanese. However, for some articles, we provide summaries In English.

Videos on YouTube

In "Taste with Sake Sommelier Umio," we review a variety of sake. In addition, "Umio's Sake Talk" has short videos about the sake culture and the Japanese culinary culture. Videos in both playlists are in either English voice or Japanese voice with English subtitles.

Taste Saké with Umio
Sake concierge Umio’s sake reviews.
Umio’s Saké Talk
Stories about sake, Japanese food culture, and the way of living with them

Tasting Notes on Instagram

On Instagram, we post short tasting notes. In the brewing season, we publish the senary of sake breweries with the views of Umio as a sake brewer.

Please enjoy sake life with sake concierge Umio!